6 Beautiful Dutch Caribbean Islands

6. Sint Eustatius wikipedia/Walter Hellebrand For a relaxing vacation on an uncrowded island, tourists should head to Sint Eustatius, also called Statia or Statius. Unlike many of the bigger islands in other parts of the Caribbean, Sint Eustatius moves at a slow pace and welcomes visitors to enjoy an authentic experience free of tourism fads. WithContinue reading “6 Beautiful Dutch Caribbean Islands”

17 best beautiful island to visit in the world

Who doesn’t love a taste of island life? Where you can kick off your shoes, leave work behind, and cocktails aren’t just provided at the snap of a finger – they’re encouraged. But island escapes aren’t just about lazy beach days – although that’s certainly a big part of it. They can also be fullContinue reading “17 best beautiful island to visit in the world”

25 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World

The world is home to a plethora of fascinating ancient ruins, from crumbling cities to temples that have withstood the test of time. Many of these ancient societies were incredibly innovative and forward thinking. Just take a look at their meticulous city planning and incredible feats of engineering; some of which we are yet toContinue reading “25 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World”

10 Best Places to Visit in England

England is a great place to visit, whether travelers are making their first or umpteenth trip abroad. That’s partly because the language barrier isn’t there for English speakers, though one can hear languages from throughout the world spoken here. First-time visitors may just want to hit the highlights in England, such as Westminster Abbey orContinue reading “10 Best Places to Visit in England”

10 Most Beautiful Castles in England

Built to keep enemies out while protecting the safety and comfort of those within, England‘s castles have long captured the imagination of travelers from around the world. Castles first appeared in Britain during the 11th century during the Norman Conquest and continued to be constructed well into the 18th century, although the later castles were builtContinue reading “10 Most Beautiful Castles in England”

10 Best Beaches in Croatia

With more than a thousand islands and a deeply indented coast that adds up to 3,600 miles of shoreline, it’s no surprise that Croatia boasts a seemingly countless number of beautiful beaches. Esteemed for their scenic beauty for centuries, beaches in Croatia have become increasingly popular since the country’s independence, and Croatia’s entrance into the European UnionContinue reading “10 Best Beaches in Croatia”

10 Best Places to Visit in Cuba

Leave a comment 10. Jardines del Rey  flickr/Jesus Abizanda Just north of the mainland, and connected via bridges, is the archipelago called Jardines del Rey. Jardines del Rey, or Gardens of the King, is a chain of islands including Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Paredon Grande and Cayo Romano. The islands weren’t true tourist destinations untilContinue reading “10 Best Places to Visit in Cuba”

10 Most Unbelievable Small Towns in Holland

10. Zierikzee Zierikzee is an ancient town located on a former island in Zeeland. Chock full of history, Zierikzee has more than 500 historical monuments. A favorite site with visitors is Sint-Lievensmonstertoren, a 12th century church named for a Scottish martyr. It was destroyed by fire in 1832 and then demolished, but the Dikke Tower remains;Continue reading “10 Most Unbelievable Small Towns in Holland”