Man claims ‘giant penis’ killed woman during sex sparking police probe

Police inspected a man’s “giant” penis over the death of his wife after the woman’s father blamed the size of his genitalia during sex.

Nedi Sito found his daughter Jumantri dead in her bed at their home in Probolinggo, Indonesia.

The 55-year-old accused her husband Barsah of killing her during sex due to the size of his penis.

He successfully rallied the local police to inspect his son-in-laws genitals.

Authorities had ruled her death to be caused by an epileptic fit during the night.Detectives however called in Barsah to get a look at his penis as part of the probe.Nedi levied the allegations two weeks after her death as rumours began to circulate.

He became incensed and believed the husband’s giant genitalia was the cause of his daughter’s death.

The husband was brought down to the police station and ordered to show officers his penis

Local police indulged his belief and ordered Barsah down to the police station.

He was ordered to show his penis to the police, family and village officials.

Cops however concluded that his penis was not the blame – and stuck with official story of a fatal fit.

Probolinggo Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Riyanto told Detik Today: “After seeing directly the genitalia that was thought to be oversized, it turned out to be of the standard Asian size.

“So right there and then the father-in-law dropped the report [against Barsah] and they apologised to each other.”

Nedi says the family is now sure that Jumantri died from epilepsy, which she had suffered since she was 14.


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