A Student Died At Boyfriend’s House After Refusing To Go Home During The Lockdown

Many countries accross the world called for a long down as course of reducing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic disease. Schools and other bodie and organizations were all to be closed. And of course student were expected to be in their various homes.

However, a university student who was identified as Claire Natukunda, did not go home, rather, she stayed with her boyfriend who has been identified as Junju.

Report says that the lady was pregnant for him. And the pregnancy had already taken two months.

Junjuwent to Kampala to raise money in other help take his girlfriend to the hospital came back to found out his girlfriend is dead. She died as result of unsuccessful abortion.

It is to understanding that the 20year old lady who have passed had misunderstandings. And they requested for her to return home but she refused.

Complications she had during the abortion to her precious life.

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