Ataa Adwoa replies Bosom PYung with her own crazy video

Bosom Pyung Ataa Adwoa 1 696x392

Ataa Adwoa & Bosom PYung

It appears the Ataa Adwoa craze is not going away anytime soon.

Just a few days after the Challenge hit social media, a new twist has surfaced. 

A crazy lady claiming to be the Ataa Adwoa Bosom PYung recorded the song for has come out to speak. 

In her own freestyle similar to the scene Bosom PYung recorded his hit song, Ataa Adwoa has explained why she dumped Bosom PYung. 

She claims it’s not because Bosom PYung is ugly but at the time, she didn’t know he will blow so quickly.

To make things worse, he got the hit with a song recorded for her. She made all these statements in her own freestyle on the same beat. 

Check out the video, 


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